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The properties in the city of Valencia generally range from 3 bedroom apartments for around €30,000 up to multi million 4 bedroom luxury villas and palace like apartments made for nobility.

Valencia is the 3rd largest city in Spain, after Barcelona and Madrid and has the 5th busiest container port in all of Europe, the busiest container port on the mediterranean and the 15th largest city in the EU. Just south of Valencia is the Albufera, a freshwater lagoon stretching 11km, making it one of the biggest lakes in Spain. Valencia is a city of values and traditions, it has its own university and festivals such as "Falles" a festival held each March, aside from this it’s got a reputation of producing the Paella Valenciana, said to be the best traditional Spanish paella. Valencia is also known for the architecture of the city of arts and sciences.

Valencia is an absolutely gorgeous city, with breathtaking sites such as its cathedral and city squares it keeps the tourism strong all year round, building a very healthy economy for Valencia. Valencians are also sports enthusiasts, having their own football team, two American football teams, rugby league and even their own Formula one track!

Between 2008 and 2012 Valencia was one of the very few European cities to host Formula one races on its city streets, the final race in 2012 seeing the countries own Fernando Alonso win the race was a moment of pure joy for the community. The track is now used for the Valencian community moto grand prix. Valencia is brimming with life, filled with retail businesses, traditional Spanish restaurants and little corner cafes you’ll never have a dull moment in this proud city.