About Us

Mission Statement

To help you find the best Spanish properties at the best price by having all the agents in one place.

A Few Words About Us

Top Spain Property made this platform with the users in mind. The idea behind all our operations revolves around the idea of a mutual benefit between our clients, ourselves and most importantly, the end user.

We committed a large amount of time researching what quality of life improvements we could bring to the table and we try to reflect this in our website platform. We thought to ourselves, what would be the easiest, most cost effective way to buy a property in Spain and how can we make it easier and more economical. A few ways we do this is by not charging a commission fee to keep your costs low, and by automatically suggesting what places you may be looking for, with a little bit of info on the area we hope to improve your idea of where you might just buy your home.

Keen to improve what was already around, we set out to build a website that is easily navigated by* users of all ages and computer literacy but still holds a professional look making it the ideal place for as many agents as possible to advertise their properties. Having a huge database of different properties and agents can make finding exactly what you want, at the correct price a lot more manageable. Not only do we offer information that you would normally spend a long time searching for, we also allow private properties to be listed meaning that you can find more bargains, more options and more properties.

Why Top Spain Property?

When creating Top Spain Property we knew that our ultimate goal was to create a way for people to be able to browse and find the property they want with ease, whilst offering agents and private sellers an easy and cheap way to get their properties noticed and sold. We do not charge commissions but a flat monthly fee, keeping costs at a low and ensuring that properties listed on TopSpainProperty do not suffer from inflated prices to cover commission fees.

We allow private sellers to list their homes with us, giving our database of properties a healthy mix of price and you can choose with what type of seller you would like to do business with.

Meet our Team

Mark Agar

Founder, Software Engineer

Originally from London, once completing a degree in BSc Computer science at the University of Hertfordshire at the age of 23 I began my career working as a software developer for an investment bank in the City. After 5 years there I moved onto pastures new and began contracting as a developer for many companies like asos.com and phones4u. In between contracting I setup a successful mobile phone comparison website, run this for 34 years, sold it and moved to Spain. This is where I met Quentin, and our next project begins.

Quentin Van Deutekom

Founder, SEO Specialist

Originally born on the canary islands, spending my childhood in holland and eventually coming back to Spain to finish my education. I’ve spent most of my life dealing with technology and all of my adult life working with it or alongside it. Having worked closely with real estate agents in the past and having friends who run their own estate agencies it didn’t take long for me to notice a gap in the market and collaborate* with Mark on Top Spain Property. Having seen other platforms attempting similar feats I knew that if we prioritised the end user we would have a recipe for success. Spending what felt like a lifetime behind a computer screen to bring our idea to life, we finally launched.