Property Sale

Tips To Sell Your Property Faster

More often than not, house sellers would prefer to sell their home quickly. With an abundance of Agents to choose from it can pretty overwhelming to pick one to choose to handle the sale of your property. Here we are going to list some of the services you should check for when browsing agents or tips you should simply do yourself if you are selling privately. Here is what you should do to sell your property faster.

Photos & Lighting

Real Estate Photographer

This may seem obvious & more frequently we see sellers hiring professional photographers which is great! We live in a digital age where your house will be listed on a property portal or agent website in-between hundreds or thousands of other homes for sale, and your home will be judged by its first appearance which will often be the online photographs.

A few things you should keep in mind for selling your home fast is that people prefer photos of large & well lit spaces. If browse your agents website & find many photos are dark & don’t show off the larger areas then hiring a photographer can make your house stand out against the bleak row of houses listed alongside your property.



Neutral Property Colours

It may be hard to believe, but not everyone has the same taste as you, many people like to make a property their own & this can be hard to imagine for potential buyers if you leave clutter everywhere, have bold colours & “unique” furniture. The best approach is to place your more personal belonging into a storage unit or if that’s not an option place them out of direct view, stored away in the garage for example.

Neutral pastel colours, whites or creams on the walls will help make the property inoffensive in the eyes of potential buyers, making it easier to sell your property.

Be Prepared

Property Contract

Just like you want to sell your property fast, once a buyer has deiced that your property is the one want, they will want to buy it as soon as possible. Have all your documents & paperwork ready, have your home inspections & valuations done ahead of time, this may seem obvious & frequently it is a requirement to have all your papers in order by your agent before listing it but this should not be overlooked, you would be surprised how frequently a deal can break through because a piece of paper that was not prepared ahead of time.


Pricing To Sell Your Property

Property Pricing

Some buyers have very specific requirements for their new properties, for your property to even be considered to make it into the final “pool” of choices for buyers the price must not exceed their budget by too much. Your pricing should be realistic, unfortunately for many the 2008 crash left many with a property value far lower than their purchase price but don’t give up hope, in 2018 in the Spanish Property Prices have been rising & many British buyers have not been turned away by Brexit.

Finally, you should finish with giving your property the TLC it needs, get all the inexpensive repairs done, replace the dud bulbs, paint over the furniture marks, clean the windows, do the gardening & make sure the pool still receives regular maintenance. Every small nitpick a potential buyer encounters might just be the last straw to turn them away from your property & they may not even realise it! Although they won’t realise it right away, more often than not the buyer will think back to the perfect property, with large open spaces, good lighting & ready to move into oppose to the property with a chip in the tiles with the needs the walls painting.


We understand that it’s a very broad scope to try and cover each unique property, seller & buyer and that there are always exceptions to every situation, however following these basic but frequently overlooked tips will increase your odds and making a sale.

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Happy New Year

Spanish New Year Traditions You Should Try

Spain is a country filled with sunshine, culture and a large diversity of different nationalities but the Spanish keep their traditions intact and celebrate them proudly. So here we have 4 Spanish New Year traditions you should try this new year!

1. Eating 12 Grapes

New Year Green Grapes

We start our countdown with the most well known Spanish New Year tradition. For those who don’t know, it is common practice to eat 12 grapes on the stroke of midnight, symbolising good luck for each of the 12 months to come. Many Spaniards follow this tradition and it can be surprisingly difficult and entertaining to pull off.

Usually there is a count down that leads to one grape per second, if not, then the challenge is to eat all 12 grapes before the bells stop ringing. This is commonly practised around the dining room or in public places, most famously so in Puerta Del Sol, Madrid, but rest assured that this is practiced all over Spain.

A few tips to help you achieve this without your relatives or friends laughing at your struggle to eat 12 grapes so quickly are to make sure you buy seedless grapes & to get smaller sized grapes as opposed to the larger ones. This should make the consumption of grapes quicker and easier. Get your grapes ready to make sure you don’t miss out on your good luck for the next 12 months!


2. Right Foot Forward

The Spanish have a tradition that is commonly seen used in conjunction with the scoffing of grapes is starting the new year on the right foot. They claim that the best way to start your new year is to keep your right foot in-front of your left foot when eating your 12 lucky grapes. A small but subtle tradition that anyone can give a go, far less challenging and comical than trying to eat 12 grapes in 12 seconds. It’s a small ask to get a head start in the New Year, so make sure you’re keeping your footing after all those New Years drinks!


3. Golden Drink

Cava New Year Spain

So you’ve opted out of your 12 lucky grapes, well luckily there is another common Spanish New Year tradition you can participate in. Many Spaniards will put a golden coin or ring into a glass of Cava to toast at the stroke of midnight. It’s supposed to symbolise good fortune. Many married couples will put their wedding rings into their drinks to wish each other good fortune and a healthy marriage.


4. Wearing Red Undies

Speaking of marriage, if you’re looking for love in the new year then the Spanish have you covered with the last tradition on our list. The tradition is to wear your best red underwear so that cupid can come along and make your new year wish come true. This isn’t as commonly known as the other traditions so we can’t speak of it’s success rates but it seems like a small amount of effort to try and get your New Years kiss.



So are you prepared to eat your 12 lucky grapes whilst keeping your right foot forward in your red underwear whilst you toast your loved ones with your wedding ring inside your glass? We hope you enjoyed these traditions and we wish you a very happy, a very healthy and very prosperous new year!

Top ten golf clubs Spain TopSpainProperty

The Top Ten Golf Clubs Spain 2017

Welcome to the TopSpainProperty countdown of the top ten golf clubs Spain. This countdown is based out of reviews and ratings from the golfing community. We take into account the clubs, their golf courses, amenities & what ratings they have achieved. We will begin at number 10 and work our way up to the best golf course in Spain.

10. Club de Golf Alcanada

Situated on the Balearic Islands, near Alcudia we have our number 10 golfing club. The highest green fees here are €150 on both weekdays & weekends. The course is known for sloping down into the sea, being surrounded with oak & pine trees and its architects;  Robert Trent Jones Sr. & Jr. Golfers have stated it can be a challenging course and requires a good handicap. You may visit their website by clicking HERE.

club de golf alcanada club de golf alcanada
Hole 15

9. Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

Las Colinas is in the Costa Blanca, praised by many golfers for its excellence & its ability to provide outstanding amenities. They try their hardest to make each experience a unique one. The golf course has been designed by Cabell Robinson who is renowned for creating many popular golf courses including works in the Costa Del Sol & France. Their highest green fees are 95. You can view their website HERE.

Las Colinas Golf Hole 10 golf club in spain

8. La Galiana Campo de Golf

La Galiana strives to offer something different. Based in Valencia, La Galiana requires no membership and is open to everyone, everyday. The highest green fees are 90 and the golf course considered to be the new standard for the quality of golf courses. La Galiana sees a lot of golfing tourism and is always considered to come with a relaxing and open atmosphere. You can have a look at their website HERE.

la galiana campo de golf club

7. Desert Spring Resort

Located in Almeria, this golf club has a course that appears to be taken straight from a western film, cacti included. Golfers love desert springs because of its rough western look and challenge in the course. With the highest green fee only being 68 it is a must visit. You can view their website HERE.

Desert Spring Golf Club

6. Real Club de Golf El Prat

Based in Barcelona with 3 golf courses and 45 holes, it’s difficult to not include Real Club de Golf El Prat on our list. Designed by Greg Norman, Golfers have exclaimed that these golf courses offer a very good balance of difficulty and reward for playing correctly. A very notable feature about Real Club de Golf El Prat is that their courses have very strict environmental regulations which leads to it having breathtaking natural scenery all round as you golf. Their highest green fee is 114 and their website can be found HERE.

Club Real de El Prat

5. PGA Catalunya Resort

The golf course here meets all the requirements to host professional games & tournaments of golf. Golfers consider here one of the best places to golf in Spain and the rest of Europe for that matter. It’s a very large and long course, requiring both hard hitting shots that are accurate as there are lakes and bodies of water all round. Sporting two golf courses with 36 holes and the highest week day green fee being 110 it is a very recommendable club and golf course. Situated way up north in Girona, Spain it is common for golfers to golf here before proceeding to France to carry on with their golfing spree. Their website can be visited HERE.

PGA Catalunya Resort 13 Green
13 Green

4. Golf Sun Gual

Located near Palma, Mallorca Golf Sun Gual has a very interesting origin. Adam Palmer, who see’s himself as a bit of a golf nut loved the islands and had his holiday home there. However, he experienced poorly maintained golf courses and it inspired him to create his very own golf course. He teemed up with Thomas Himmel and created this stunning course, surrounded by natural beautify. This golf course was created with quality and the golfers in mind, a top golf course for any golf nutters who’d like to give Adam Palmers vision a run for it’s money at  135 for the highest green fee. You can visit the website for Golf Sun Gual HERE.

golf son gual

3. Club de Golf La Reserva

A golf course built in 2003 in the Costa Del Sol by Cabell Robinson, often referred to as one of the best golf courses in Spain and Europe. It’s a very exclusive and well managed and this is shown in it’s pricing, with the highest green fees being 235 in the week & 270 on the weekends. This course is must visit for any golfers who enjoy to luxury and exclusivity. You can view their website HERE.

La Reserva Club House
The Club House La Reserva

2. Finca Cortesin Golf Club

Located in one of the expats favourite areas Malaga, with other 100 bunkers, desgined by Cabell Robinson it is a favourite of many golfers. It is considered not only one of the best golf courses in Europe but has become known world wide as one of the longest courses in Europe, a fantastic way to fill your golf holiday, after all, who woulnd’t love to be surrounded by almost 7000 meters of golf course and natural landscape? Their highest green fees are 280 and they have on of the best locations situated near the Mediterranean sea. You can have a look at their website HERE.

Finca Cortesin Hole 6
Hole 6

1. Real Club Valderrama

The winner of not just our countdown, but many golfing websites is the Real Club Valderrama. Our winner is situated an hour & a half drive away from Malaga and has a fantastic climate to play golf on all year round. It was designed by Robert Trent Jones and is purposely difficult. It has been described by golfing pros as the best course in all of Europe and possibly the world. 6356 meter of golf course to be enjoyed. The club has recognized their status as leading golf course in Spain and their prices show this as their highest green fees are 350 for weekdays and 370 for weekends. It’s still worth every penny to experience what is considered to be the best by a very large amount of golf enthusiasts. You can browse their website HERE.

Real Club Valderrama


Was your favourite golf club or course here? If not, leave it below in the comments and we might just do a write up on it. We also provide drone videos of golf courses, you should take a look at our YouTube videos!

Spanish Flag with the word Brexit written on it

Brits are still moving to Spain despite Brexit

The high cost of properties in Britain has pushed many Brits to take the leap of faith and end up moving to Spain, which is an extremely popular choice among Brits. Figures from 2015 show that 1 in 5 properties sold to foreigners are sold to Brits! The study shows that almost 13% of all properties sold that year in Spain were sold to foreigners and out of all those properties sold, nearly 20% was sold to Brits.

What about Brexit?

Now with article 50 being triggered earlier this year and Brexit having many people worried about what to do with the Great British Pound being at a low, it would seem that all of this has had a negligible impact on Brits buying their dream homes abroad. A study performed by Spanish Legal Reclaims shows us that 55% (more than half!) of Brits who are considering to purchase a property abroad say that Brexit has no impact on their choice, and a staggering 10 percent have said that they’d be more likely to purchase a property abroad.

Expats in Spain

Spain is the favorite winning with 45% of votes, France being second with 37%. So, who else is moving to Spain right now? Well the runners up after the Brits are the French and then the Russians.

There are now over 750,000 people with British nationality officially living in Spain, most of them move to Spain’s tourism areas, the canary & Balearic islands, Murcia (Costa Blanca) and Andalusia (Costa Del Sol) being the most popular destinations. Property prices in Spain are on the rise and the housing market is healthy & active, although not as booming as before the crisis, figures are on the rise.

UK Property prices vs Spain

Apart from the sun, why are so many Brits moving to Spain? As the title suggests, price in properties. In the UK, the average price of a house per square meter is £2,216 or as high as £11,321
in some areas of London. Now lets compare that to Malaga, one of the most sought after areas to live in Spain by many Brits, here the average price per square meter is 1,662 and areas such as Valencia are 952 per square meter! After taking the exchange rate into account, the cheaper living costs and the average of almost 3,000 hours of sunshine each year, it’s clear to see that regardless of Brexit, buying abroad remains as popular as ever.

Malaga Spain
Malaga – Spain