Beach Bar Protesting

Bring Back the Beach Bars!

The Orihuela Costa region has began shutting down more & more beach bars on the local beaches. Areas such as Punta Prima & La Zenia have been suffering from the laws causing the bars to be shut down. We first saw this back in September when the Sunrise Beach bars were shut down. Last time the people were caught by surprise but this time round there has been a far bigger uproar from the public.

Tourism & Jobs

Spain, especially the coastal area of Costa Blanca relies heavily on tourism to help its local economy and to provide jobs for it’s citizens. Many of the staff that worked in these beach bars could be seen protesting against the closing of the beach bars as this is their livelihood and job and many of them would be left unemployed if the bars were to shut down permanently. Aside from the employees of the bars, the locals will also be affected by the closure of the bars as many of them were choice locations to bring visiting friends and family. Lastly the tourism in the area is mostly driven by the beaches & the beach bars are a must in our opinion as they encourage the tourists to visit again and again.

Health & Safety

Aside from the more obvious reasons stated above as to why people are fighting to keep the beach bars open is the health and safety. Many of the people reading who are not local to the area will be unaware that there was a recent tragedy involving a young boy that was perhaps preventable had there been a beach bar with a defibrillator accessible. Many locals were filling petitions and making arrangements to make the beaches a safer place, all of this work will become undone should the bars be removed from the beaches.

Shutting Down

As with the Sunrise bars, the reason as to why the bars are being closed down is full of speculation & rumours and without a definite answer we will not dig deeper into them to spread misinformation. When more information becomes available we will share it across our Facebook & blog. We invite anyone with access to the online petitions to keep the bars open to contact us and we will update this post with the link available for anyone who wishes to sign.



What is the Sunniest Costa?

If you’ve read our recent article about the huge amount Brits moving to Spain despite brexit making the pound weaker, then you’ll probably wonder why Malaga was such a popular destination and even more so, what Spanish coast boasts the most sunshine all year round? Let’s find the sunniest costa.

Top 3 Sunniest Costas

So the runners up are Costa Blanca & Costa De Almeria, both with almost 3,000 hours of sun per year (Average of 2,994 hours). Another honorable mention are the Canary Islands, boasting an average of 2,822 hours of sunshine per year. The winner by just a fraction is the Costa Del Sol, having over 3,000 hours of sunshine and it’s name literally translating to “Coast of the Sun” makes the Costa Del Sol the sunniest coast in Spain. Malaga in particular has the most hours of sunshine and reports say that Malaga has the best climate in the whole of Spain! Mild winters and the sea breeze keeping summers moderate makes Malaga a favourite for many expats.

When it rains, it pours

Rainfall is something that doesn’t come to mind when thinking about the sunniest costa in Spain, but you should now that on those few days of rainfall we get enough to keep the plants watered for the rest of the year! The most rainfall ever recorded in the Costa Del Sol is 497mm of rainfall! That’s over four times the usual average and was recorded in Malaga, the town voted with the best climate. This was recorded way back in 1989 but we still expect over 100mm of rainfall in the months of November and December. The rest of the year is generally speaking pretty dry and not much rain is expected and rain during the summer months is a rare occurrence.