Property Sale

Tips To Sell Your Property Faster

More often than not, house sellers would prefer to sell their home quickly. With an abundance of Agents to choose from it can pretty overwhelming to pick one to choose to handle the sale of your property. Here we are going to list some of the services you should check for when browsing agents or tips you should simply do yourself if you are selling privately. Here is what you should do to sell your property faster.

Photos & Lighting

Real Estate Photographer

This may seem obvious & more frequently we see sellers hiring professional photographers which is great! We live in a digital age where your house will be listed on a property portal or agent website in-between hundreds or thousands of other homes for sale, and your home will be judged by its first appearance which will often be the online photographs.

A few things you should keep in mind for selling your home fast is that people prefer photos of large & well lit spaces. If browse your agents website & find many photos are dark & don’t show off the larger areas then hiring a photographer can make your house stand out against the bleak row of houses listed alongside your property.



Neutral Property Colours

It may be hard to believe, but not everyone has the same taste as you, many people like to make a property their own & this can be hard to imagine for potential buyers if you leave clutter everywhere, have bold colours & “unique” furniture. The best approach is to place your more personal belonging into a storage unit or if that’s not an option place them out of direct view, stored away in the garage for example.

Neutral pastel colours, whites or creams on the walls will help make the property inoffensive in the eyes of potential buyers, making it easier to sell your property.

Be Prepared

Property Contract

Just like you want to sell your property fast, once a buyer has deiced that your property is the one want, they will want to buy it as soon as possible. Have all your documents & paperwork ready, have your home inspections & valuations done ahead of time, this may seem obvious & frequently it is a requirement to have all your papers in order by your agent before listing it but this should not be overlooked, you would be surprised how frequently a deal can break through because a piece of paper that was not prepared ahead of time.


Pricing To Sell Your Property

Property Pricing

Some buyers have very specific requirements for their new properties, for your property to even be considered to make it into the final “pool” of choices for buyers the price must not exceed their budget by too much. Your pricing should be realistic, unfortunately for many the 2008 crash left many with a property value far lower than their purchase price but don’t give up hope, in 2018 in the Spanish Property Prices have been rising & many British buyers have not been turned away by Brexit.

Finally, you should finish with giving your property the TLC it needs, get all the inexpensive repairs done, replace the dud bulbs, paint over the furniture marks, clean the windows, do the gardening & make sure the pool still receives regular maintenance. Every small nitpick a potential buyer encounters might just be the last straw to turn them away from your property & they may not even realise it! Although they won’t realise it right away, more often than not the buyer will think back to the perfect property, with large open spaces, good lighting & ready to move into oppose to the property with a chip in the tiles with the needs the walls painting.


We understand that it’s a very broad scope to try and cover each unique property, seller & buyer and that there are always exceptions to every situation, however following these basic but frequently overlooked tips will increase your odds and making a sale.

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Flag of Spain

Lifestyle In Spain

Lifestyle in Spain can be very different in subtle ways to lifestyle in the UK and here are a few points you should probably know to prepare for your holiday or first home in Spain. Spain is very tourist friendly and you’ll find many UK themed and inspired businesses, bars and restaurants, especially in the Costas such as Costa Blanca & Costa Del Sol but for those of you going more inland or just looking to blend in a little better and avoid any inconveniences, here’s what you should know.

Don’t get locked out!

One of the less obvious differences between the UK and Spain is the way safety is handled. In Spain it’s very common to have grills or bars across all windows making entering through them impossible without removal of the bars. What many people don’t notice is that in Spain most houses come with a door that only opens with a key from the outside. In the UK many doors have handles which open the door from outside as long as it’s not locked, in Spain however many doors need the actual key to open the door from outside rather than using a handle or door knob, effectively locking the door from the outside whenever it is shut. This catches many new property owners or holidaymakers off guard, going outside to enjoy the sun only to realise they’ve left their key inside and now can’t get back inside the property! In this case it’s usually advisable to call your rental agent for a spare key or a local locksmith if it’s your own property!

Window grill lifestyle in spain

Going hungry

A big lifestyle difference in Spain is the time at which the Spanish have their meals & drinks. In Spain it is common to have breakfast as the first meal as in the UK, however in the UK normally people have a sandwich or small lunch around midday. To contrast, in Spain lunch is the main meal of the day and usually had around 2 or 3 pm. Moving over to dinner which is often in-between 5 and 7 pm in the UK, it is at 9 or 10 pm in Spain. This reflects in many different aspects of Spain, the shops are open later (usually closing 8:30pm – 10:00pm) and going out for drinks is very different. In the UK drinking is usually to get drunk, in Spain drinks are often restricted to mealtimes. When the Spanish go out drinking it is called Botellon and it consists of drinking and pub crawling before ending up in a nightclub. In some cases they drink in the streets in large groups and share alcohol, a very friendly atmosphere that is a good experience for any fans of social drinking.


Fiestas & Siestas 

Two very frequent phrases you hear when people talk about the lifestyle in Spain, what do they mean? A fiesta can be anything from a festival or party to a bank holiday. This catches people off guard as many assume that fiestas usually just mean there’s going to be a party of some kind, but many shops will close and in more religious and traditional Spanish areas will shut down completely during a fiesta. They can be a little bit tricky to work out as different parts of Spain can have fiestas that do and don’t apply to them. So in some instances all of Spain may be closed, in others it may just be your pueblo so it’s important to pay attention to which areas your fiesta apply. Secondly we come to Siestas, the time is a little different between areas but usually it’s from 14:00 until 17:00. Often you’ll find shops and cafes open from 9:00 or 10:00 until 14:00 which is Spanish lunchtime. At this point many places close so the owners and staff can go home for lunch or a “siesta” to catch up on sleep. at around 17:00 or 18:00 all the doors open again and now stay open until late into the evening. Tourists can get stuck looking for a place to eat dinner whilst Spain is taking its nap time, so if you’re going inland be sure to keep your eye on the time.

Spain Property Price

Spain Property Prices – Then VS Now

Using the above graph as reference (sourced from we can clearly see that the price of properties in Spain is on the rise. Spain property prices have been forecast to continue rising and many people are taking advantage of this by buying their properties now.  Spain continues to be cheaper than the UK with its average price per square meter being lower, you can find out more about this in our article HERE. Many Brits are still buying in Spain despite Brexit and it is barely affecting the property market at all, so if you’re worried, you needen’t be. The price of properties in Spain has been on the rise consistently since 2014 each year. Many property owners are excited to see their homes increase in value each year.

Are Spain’s Property Prices Stable?


A History of Spain’s Property Prices


It would appear that following these forecasts you have a very stable investment. To further back this up we can see that there has been an annual increase in home sales in Spain. This increase is a staggering 18%. Looking at the chart above  we can see that we haven’t reached nearly as high as the potential maximum property prices. The most positive reading from this chart is that over the last few years the increase of Spain’s property prices has been very steady, unlike previously where between 2004 to 2008 we saw huge jumps in property prices which ultimately was corrected by the recession and the property price “bubble” being “popped”. A slower and more reliable increase means it is less likely for a sudden reversal of property prices.


Property Rentals

To finalize we would like to add that rentals in Spain are also seeing their fair share of positive news, so if you are looking to purchase your home in Spain as a potential investment & rental home you are in luck. In only the first quarter of 2017 rental homes have seen an average increase in price of 8.8%. Of course this varies in different regions but the popular expat destinations such as the Islands and costas are seeing an increase of people looking to rent and less availability as home owners become more strict with who they chose to let their property to. With the increase of popularity of these areas and a wider scope of potential tenants many home owners are receiving a decent monthly income from their rental properties.