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Spanish Property Phrases

If you’re moving to Spain & looking to buy a property, there are some essential Spanish property phrases you should probably learn so you know exactly what you’re looking at if you end up deciding to browse Spanish websites or buying through a Spanish agent. We will break down the words and phrases into 3 sections, essential ones where you can learn the minimum you need to understand the fundamentals, the basic words so you can get a better understanding and the more advanced phrases which will teach you some more specific or niche Spanish property jargon.

Essential Spanish Property Phrases

These are the bare minimum to help you understand the basic information displayed on most Spanish agent websites.

Dormitorio = Bedroom
Cuarto de baño / baño = Bathroom
Garaje = Garage
Casa = House
Jardín = garden
Cuarto = Room

Basic Spanish Property Phrases

These phrases are a little bit more specific but might just help you find the exact features you want from your new home

Aire acondicionado = Air Conditioning
Aparcamiento = Parking
Ascensor = Lift / Elevator
Balcón = Balcony
Bien situado / comunicado = Good Location
Calle mayor = Main Street
Cocina = Kitchen
Comedor = Dining Room
Trastero = Storage Room
Vista = View
Amueblado = Furnished

Advanced Spanish Property Phrases

These phrases will help you look for niche items when browsing properties in Spanish.
A Estrenar = Brand New
Adosado/Pareado = Semi Detached
Antiguo/a = Old / Antique
Apartamento/piso duplex = Duplex apartment / flat
alquiler = Rent/ For Rent
Armario empotrados = Fitted Wardrobes
Ático = Penthouse / Top Floor With Terrace
Buen estado = Good Condition
Calefacción general = Single boiler heats a building; occupants cannot control when it is turned on or off. Cost are divided.
Calefacción individual = House with its own boiler; the occupant can control the heat as desired and pays for individual use.
Chalet = Detached house / villa
Cortijo = Country house / farmhouse
Independiente = Detached
Mediodia orientación = South Facing
Lujo = Luxury


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