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Saving Sunrise Costa Blanca

As many people know (Almost 100,000 of you according to our social media indicators) we created a drone video to plead the town halls to reopen the Sunrise beach bars in Punta Prima, Costa Blanca.   Despite the great feedback we have received from the community we are still trying to retrieve an official statement from either party involved. It is undeniable that our cause has left an impact with over 1,000 individuals sharing the video of Sunrise with the intention of providing the town hall with a statement that shows just how much we miss the beach bars. Many locals speculate over the cause of the bars in Punta Prima being shut down but nobody has provided any evidence that proves their statement to be the cause of it. You can view the video at the bottom of this post.

What can you do to help save Sunrise?

We urge you to share the video around with all your friends and communities and continuing to hashtag #SaveSunrise in your posts related the bars being closed. We hope that if our video gets carried far enough and goes viral that the town halls may notice how upset the community is that the Costa Blanca has lost one of its most enjoyed gems. To anyone who enjoyed a pint or cocktail down at the beach with Sunrise, please make your point heard, we believe that every share counts and may make a difference.

Why Save Sunrise?

Sunrise Costa Blanca was a beautiful gem that many of the locals enjoyed, and not just the people in Punta Prima, people would travel from Cabo Roig, Villamartin and other surrounding areas to enjoy an ice cold beverage right on the seafront. Tourists also got their share of joy from the bars, nothing quite makes a holiday Facebook picture like an alcoholic beverage with the sea a few feet in the background. The beach bars in the Costa Blanca have been a huge attraction and many of us would love to see the return of Sunrise.

#SaveSunrise Drone Video


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5 thoughts to “Saving Sunrise Costa Blanca”

  1. While we were out at Punta Prima this week (13th September 2017) we noticed a poster saying Sunrise bar re-opening on the 16th of September 2017. We hope this is true as we first had a pint at the Sunrise bar in 2004, and have had many return visits over the last 13 years.
    We are owners of an apartment at Sea Senses, and have missed the fitness classes and dancing at Sunrise.
    We are back out on the 11th of October and hope to see the Sunrise open again on our return.

  2. Please reopen our beach bars all we have now is a tiny beach and nowhere to sit in the sun and enjoy some refreshment.This area is now completely desolated.more building our being built but there is nowhere for us to go Also the srub land is being used as a public toilet which is sicking The council are up in arms about dog poo being cleared by there owners what’s about human poo who is clearing this When the bars where open at least there where public toilets. So apart from the fact there is no enjoyment here anymore Something needs to be done about on our land being shit on by people n more ways than one

  3. The council and local area are the loses in more ways than one. The loss of tax revenues, the loss of jobs and tourists in Punta prima. People tell friends about the closures and those people will probably never come back again. It’s an absolute disgrace and very short sighted by the authorities. Surely they could have kept them open whilst whatever problems were being sorted out. Come to your senses and re open them without delay.

  4. It was vandalised in early October. No sign of any imminent return. The season was long but it stayed shut throughout. No idea why they needed to leave the light on 24/7 but lock the toilets..

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