Beach Bar Protesting

Bring Back the Beach Bars!

The Orihuela Costa region has began shutting down more & more beach bars on the local beaches. Areas such as Punta Prima & La Zenia have been suffering from the laws causing the bars to be shut down. We first saw this back in September when the Sunrise Beach bars were shut down. Last time the people were caught by surprise but this time round there has been a far bigger uproar from the public.

Tourism & Jobs

Spain, especially the coastal area of Costa Blanca relies heavily on tourism to help its local economy and to provide jobs for it’s citizens. Many of the staff that worked in these beach bars could be seen protesting against the closing of the beach bars as this is their livelihood and job and many of them would be left unemployed if the bars were to shut down permanently. Aside from the employees of the bars, the locals will also be affected by the closure of the bars as many of them were choice locations to bring visiting friends and family. Lastly the tourism in the area is mostly driven by the beaches & the beach bars are a must in our opinion as they encourage the tourists to visit again and again.

Health & Safety

Aside from the more obvious reasons stated above as to why people are fighting to keep the beach bars open is the health and safety. Many of the people reading who are not local to the area will be unaware that there was a recent tragedy involving a young boy that was perhaps preventable had there been a beach bar with a defibrillator accessible. Many locals were filling petitions and making arrangements to make the beaches a safer place, all of this work will become undone should the bars be removed from the beaches.

Shutting Down

As with the Sunrise bars, the reason as to why the bars are being closed down is full of speculation & rumours and without a definite answer we will not dig deeper into them to spread misinformation. When more information becomes available we will share it across our Facebook & blog. We invite anyone with access to the online petitions to keep the bars open to contact us and we will update this post with the link available for anyone who wishes to sign.



13 thoughts to “Bring Back the Beach Bars!”

  1. The biggest reason we returned every year for the last 10 years were the sunrise beach bars .. sitting watching the sunset and listening to the waves were magical and memorable times. Sadly we are going elsewhere this year. Very sad .. I am sure we will not be the only ones.. I think the rumours we have heard are probably true .

  2. We’ve had a property for 20 years in the area and are very saddened by the decisions that have been made in relation to closing the bars on our local beaches with this closure the toilet facilities have been put out of action and sun loungers. BUT NOW MORE IMPORTANTLY ACCESS TO LIFE SAVING EQUIPMENT. Staff have lost their jobs. We pay SUMA and taxes and all we see are declines of facilities for us and visitors boosting the local economy. Our blue flag beaches should be just that the standards will drop and the status will be lost

  3. Crazy . Spain why ? And who benefits from closing seafood snackeries on beaches . People will go elsewhere . Sorry but no thanks .

  4. I thought the bars were going to have defibrillator in case of emergencies, how is that going to work with the bars shut.

    It is also necessary to have toilet facilities open on the beach, this is ridiculous to close the bars, if this is due to renewing their licence, surely it would have been better to sort it all out in the winter months instead of a time when you have lots of tourists heading for the beach, the person that decided the beach bars should be closed should be sacked, she is gonna make them lose a fortune

  5. So so sad and angry. Our days in our holiday home for the last 15 years were made more enjoyable by our walks to the coastline beach bars and meeting friends. The tourist trade is being ruined and lovely staff are losing jobs. Shame on the spanish authorities.

  6. Why why why l really just do not understand what they are thinking about. If they would publish the reason to stop all the gosip.

  7. Such a warm atmosphere in these bars,staff are always so helpful,nice to sit and watch the sea and of course using the loo when iv been for a walk. I miss all of that. What about the staff which is more important,they are without jobs now.i love living in Spain but will never understand the the way the Spanish law works.

  8. Cannot believe where tourism is the chief economy that beach bar are closed. It’s the safety equipment and toilet facilities that will be missed most. My family come and spend every summer here with us. But now ??????

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